Taizé and Iona Meditation/Prayer Service on February 6, 2020 at 6:30 pm


Our Epiphany Meditation/Prayer Service will be Thursday, February 6 @ 6:30 pm Epiphany is a Greek word meaning “manifestation, showing forth, revelation.” This feast proclaims our faith that is Jesus, God is revealed to all people—not just to an inner circle or a chosen few, but to all people, in all places, and throughout all time. Christians believe that in the person of Jesus we see who God is, and in the words and actions of Jesus we see God at work in the world and in us.



            Beginning in November 2019 St Patrick’s established a monthly Meditation/Prayer Service to be held the first Thursday of each month. We started five years ago with bimonthly services using the Taizé model. We have expanded to include music from Iona.

            A prayer service is different from a worship service in several ways. The regular divisions of worship, including the gathering, professing of beliefs, committing ourselves to Christ, eucharist and baptism, are not included. The service is wholly dedicated to prayer and the hearing of God’s Word. While some regular elements of worship are certainly present, they are presented in a model of prayer and meditation.

            Prayer can happen in many ways: through the silent conversation of an individual with God; through guided prayers where a leader facilitates the subject and the flow of the prayers and then allow space for individual prayer; through responsive reading formats; and through song. Prayer songs typically have short texts and easy melodies that are sung in many repetitions to allow the heart and mind to meditate on the words through the medium of music.

            We use the Taizé and Iona communities’ structures for our services. The Iona community, located on an island off the coast of Scotland, and the Taizé community in France are internationally known for their non-denominational worship and for prayer services that draw from the ancient traditions of the Christian faith. The Taizé community is also know for the body of music—songs of prayer—written for their services.

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