Moving in Faith and Hope

Six congregations in the greater Bangor area have said yes to a call to live out our faith by loving our neighbors as ourselves, respect the dignity of all people, and work toward peace and justice in the world. After months of listening to the needs within our community and each other, we have been led by the Spirit of God to go beyond our church walls and be with our neighbors in our local communities.

Our Mission

Loving our community as God loves us through nurturing recovery and reducing houselessness.

Our Action Teams

Recovery Welcome BoxesFresh_Start_Homes_Logo_no_name-Transparent.png

The Recovery Welcome Boxes Team partners with the Fresh Start Sober Living program to create and deliver welcome boxes for new members. Fresh Start provides a safe, supportive, alcohol and drug free environment for 101 individuals residing in 13 homes in Bangor and Brewer. Upon entry into Fresh Start members often have no food or clothing other than what they are wearing at the time of enrollment. The Recovery Welcome Boxes contain enough non-perishable food and hygiene supplies for about 5 days which allows them to get settled and acquire their own items.

Housing Action Team

The Housing Action Team is collaborating with Dignity First to create housing for unhoused people and intentional neighbors using the Community First model. Our collective of churches is working together to cultivate intentional community for the village of permanent, supportive homes Dignity First is building, joining people coming out of chronic houselessness with missional neighbors and friends.

Interfaith Relationship Team

The role of the Interfaith Relationship Team is to strengthen the ties of participating faith communities through shared worship and fellowship experiences. Deep relationships will, in turn, strengthen the ministry of Moving in Faith and Hope. The team publicizes shared events and encourages the people of each congregation to take advantage of the opportunities to gather with other people of faith. Shared events include worship services, community meals, music events, etc.

Our Prayer

Thank you Lord for guiding us in Your ministry to work with our marginalized neighbors. We pray for wisdom and compassion as we carry out Your commandment to love one another. Please give us strength, courage, and humility to fulfill this mission in faith and hope. AMEN

For More Information, Contact us:

Call St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church: (207) 989-1308