Life of St. Patrick’s

Life of the Church St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church (aka St. Pat’s-Brewer) is a small, vibrant, and growing community of people who worship, laugh, create, and journey together in God’s Love.  

It is not the size of the building or the congregation. It is not how big our budget is. It is, however, the heart; and the St. Patrick’s community has so much heart. One member shared that arriving at St. Pat’s is like being welcomed by family. We would love for you to be a part of our community

Our Values

1. We care for and accept all God’s children. As children of God, each of us has unique and wonderful gifts.

2. We value kind, open, and honest communication.

3. We provide a positive, joyful place for people to come together for worship and fellowship.

4. We value our Lay Ministry and Outreach programs as a key element of who we are.

5. We are a parish that supports its members in time of need, whether those needs are financial, physical, or spiritual.

6. We are grateful for God’s creation and strive to be environmentally conscientious.

As an Open and Caring community growing in God’s Love, we continuously strive to be an affirming community for all. St. Pat’s is honored to be included in the multitude of churches in the directory.  They define the word “affirming” as meaning the church would welcome and treat an LGBTQIA+ person no different than any other person who walked through their church doors seeking Christ. As we practice our faith as a fully affirming congregation and denomination, we allow and encourage ALL people to be involved in all aspects of the community’s life, including ordaining LGBTQ+ folks to ministry, performing same-sex marriages, and fully embracing everyone in leadership positions within our congregation.