Outreach Ministries

St. Patrick’s Church strongly believes in service to and with others within and beyond our parish. We are not a well-endowed parish but fully acknowledge the gifts each of us possess and we partner with others in the community to do much more than what we could accomplish alone. Many members of St. Patrick’s are involved in community groups serving and working with others. These groups include Partners for Peace, CourageLIVES, Food AND Medicine, East of the Penobscot Ministerium, Faith Linking In Action, and a nonprofit created by a member of our church called Dignity First. Parishioners share information regarding the needs of these organizations and how others might help. In addition, we have sometimes invited people from the community to speak during a Sunday service regarding their ministry.

Our Outreach Ministry Takes Many Forms

  • Advent and Lenten Projects
    • During each season of Advent and Lent, a particular community need is highlighted and appropriate items or funds are raised to support the identified need.  We work to be creative and make these activities fun. A recent Lenten project involved a collecting paper products for the local food pantry which is unable to purchase these items with money they receive and are totally dependent on items donated. One creative member of the congregation turned a large box into the shape of an outhouse. The Lenten goal was to fill this “outhouse” with a variety of paper products. It was very successful!  
  • Columbia Street Luncheons
    • On the first Sunday every other month, parishioners from St. Patrick’s provide and serve a free hot meal to community members at the Columbia Street Baptist Church in Bangor.
  • Creative Crafts and Conversation and Prayer Shawls 
  • Dignity First
    •  As the incubator for a parishioner to begin Dignity First, a 501c3 nonprofit creating a permanent supportive village of homes for unhoused people and intentional neighbors, St. Patrick’s joyfully continues to support their efforts through donating Christmas and Easter special offertory collections and providing volunteers for projects.
  • Faith Linking in Action
  • Holyoke Street Neighborhood Garden
  • Homeless Shelters/Warming Shelter
    • St. Patrick’s regularly donates needed items, meals, and volunteer time to local homeless shelters and warming shelters during the colder months.
  • Brewer Food Pantry
    • Having previously housed the Brewer Food Pantry, St. Patrick’s continues to regularly collect items and donations for the Brewer Food Pantry.
  • Food AND Medicine
    • St. Patrick’s participates in the annual Solidarity Harvest with donations of food and volunteers to sort and pack Thanksgiving baskets of food for community members. We also join legislative letter writing campaigns when needed.
  • East of the Penobscot Ministerium
    • Each Lent, St. Patrick’s joins with other denominations for a mid-week worship service. The offertory from these services is donated to the East of the Penobscot Ministerium’s Fuel Assistance Fund.