Spring Dinner Fundraiser for Faith Linking in Action – Saturday,  April 18, 2020

Last year Faith Linking in Action (FLIA) held a traveling dinner party as a fundraiser.  It was such a success that the fundraising committee has decided to do it again this year.


The date is Saturday,  April 18, 2020 .  It will be held in the Orono area this year.  The Islamic Center has agreed to serve the hors d’oeuvres.   We are being asked if St. Patrick’s would be willing to provide the main meal of lasagna.  This would be served out of the kitchen at the Keith Anderson building in Orono.  I am willing to make two vegetable lasagnas.  I am wondering if others would be willing to make lasagna as well.  We would need 6- more.  If you are willing to help,

Please let me know.  There is an oven there and we are planning to get warmers.


Thank you for considering this.