Wednesday Lenten Services Kicks off on February 26, 2020 Ash Wednesday at St. Patrick’s

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), CDC guidelines have recommended no in person meetings. Therefore, the remaining Wednesday Lenten Services have been canceled. Thank you for understanding. Stay safe and healthy.

Wednesday evening Lenten services

 Once again, churches that are part of the community Lenten services  will be having Wednesday evening services. All services start at 6:30 PM, starting here at St. Pat’s.


February 26– Ash Wednesday. St. Patrick’s  Episcopal Church,

                       Pastor Gretchen Casey -preacher

March 4– Holden United Church of Christ-Church Road, Holden, ME

                 the Rev.  Peggy Day- preacher 

March 11–North Brewer Eddington United Methodist Church–31 Main Rd, Eddington

                   Pastor Jon Ouellette -preacher

March 18– East Orrington Congregational Church-38 Johnson Mill Rd, Orrington

                  the Rev. Linette George -preacher

March 25– Lighthouse Church of God–696 River Rd. Orrington

                     the Rev. Ron Chaffee preacher

April 1– Orrington United Methodist Church– 14 Center Drive, Orrington

              Pastor Jerrod Oltman preacher.

We at St. Pat’s are hosting the first of 6 Wednesday Evening Lenten services and will be providing refreshments.  If you would like to bring something to serve, please sign up in the Common Room .  This has been very well attended in the past, and it’s really nice to see so many folks from other churches in the area. Questions?  Jamie Beck is the in charge.