Announcements for Outreach Committee:
(1) Outreach is sponsoring a paper products drive for the Food Pantry. People can donate toilet paper, paper towels, and/ or tissues in the following ways. The Food Cupboard is running low on these and cannot buy them.

  • If you have a key, put them in the food pantry basket at church before 9/6/2020
  • bring them to the in-person service on 9/6/2020
  • drop them at Pat’s house (call ahead please)
  • drop at the Food Cupboard if you prefer.

Watch for the detailed announcement email from Pat.
(2) Outreach will be providing lunch for the Columbia Street Community Meal on 9/6/2020.  We are set for this month. The next one will be in early November.
(3) Our Clink Bottle drive continues to gain traction, it is almost up to $100. If you would like to participate, please pick up a bag (with attached sticker) in the outdoor Little Lending Library. Once it is filled, just drop it at a Clink collection building (Hannaford). It is simple, scan the tag on the shed’s door to unlock it, pull it open and drop the bag inside.
(4) At last week’s Outreach Meeting I shared that I will be stepping down as Chairwoman. Anyone interested in the position should send me an email expressing their interest and I’ll forward it to the committee. I will serve another month in the hopes someone is interested.
Sincerely,Kate PetrieOutreach Chair