Faith Linking in Action Convening Meeting, September 29 at 6 pm to 8 pm

Faith Linking in Action has been very busy during this difficult time. St. Patrick’s will be hosting our fall convening via ZOOM on Tuesday, Sept. 29 from 6-8pm. Peg Olson, our FLIA co-chair, and I invite everyone to attend. Hear a brief review of the activities from our Teams.

The bulk of the meeting will be regarding “The Intersection of Racism and Food Insecurity” with guest speakers Angela Okafor, Bangor City Council member and Tania Rousseau Jean-Jacque, a local advocate. Our Own Rev. Rick Cross will open the gathering with a prayer. Please register asap. Thanks!

This is such an important issues we hope you will take a few minutes to participate. There will be opportunities for small group discussion during the meeting. (Yes, it is possible via ZOOM, though way out of my tech understanding!)

Faith Linking in Action

The Intersection of Racism and

Food Insecurity


Angela Okafor


Tania Rousseau Jean-Jacque

Please go to this link ASAP to register and then you will have a personal link to the meeting!! If you try to join at 6:00 pm tonight without pre-registering you will be late to the meeting, so register early and use your personal Zoom  link to the meeting!