Solidarity Harvest 2020

18 th Annual Solidarity Harvest
Pledge deadline: October 23, 2020

Dear Solidarity Harvest Supporter,

Maine has the highest level of food insecurity in New England, and with the pandemic, the need for Solidarity Harvest has only increased, so we’re making it happen – safely. We’ve reorganized our sorting, assembly,
volunteer and distribution plans to keep everyone as safe as possible. We’ll be communicating more about that on our social media and via emails shortly, including how to sign up to volunteer.

Our fundraising goal is $55,000. We intend to distribute 1,400 meal baskets this year, if we meet our fundraising goal.
Your financial support will help make this year’s meals happen! What level of support can we count on from you? All donors will be listed on printed materials included with each meal basket.

Donor levels are:
● Golden Platter $2,000+
● Silver Goblet $1,000-$1,999
● Bronze Cutlery $500-$999
● Pewter Ladle $300-$499
One of the changes for 2020 is that the meals will be distributed in boxes rather than multiple bags.

We will print and prominently attach logos to each of the boxes, instead of cloth tote bags this year. In addition to the logistical benefit of using boxes, there is a cost savings that will help us purchase other materials needed to
ensure the safety of our staff and volunteers.
Unions or nonprofit organizations that donate a minimum of $300 ($500 for businesses) can have their logo
included on each box.

A donation of $1000 or more gets prime logo placement. To have your logo included, a pledge is required by October 23rd . All donors will also be acknowledged on printed materials that will be
included with the meal boxes.

For more information about Solidarity Harvest, or to notify us of your pledge or number of baskets, please
contact Melissa Smith at or 207-989-5860. Thank you!
In Solidarity,
2020 Solidarity Harvest Committee