Vestry Summary – July 2020

St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church Vestry Meeting
July 16, 2020

  • St. Pat’s has received $8,500 in loan funds to date, which has been spent on salaries and utilities, in accordance with the percentages required in the loan terms.
  • St. Pat’s, along with many Maine churches, received a letter from Maine Revenue Services asking us to provide documentation to support our continued tax-exempt status.  The diocese is assisting with filing the appropriate paperwork 
  • We are still looking for someone to mow and trim the grounds.  So far, no commercial service is interested in such a small job. 
  • The vestry approved putting a flag up on the library box, to call attention to it.
  • The vestry approved putting up an inclusive welcoming flag near our big sign.  Watch the web site for further details.
  • The vestry approved adding “Equal Justice for All” to our big sign.  Watch the web site for further details.
  • On-line viewership of our Sunday services is running about 50-80 people.  Most viewing of the Wednesday evening service is done after the premier.
  • The vestry approved the purchase of an FM transmitter, so that our broadcast service can be heard over the car radio when parked near the church.  This will be another option for people to stay connected.
  • Feedback from the July 2 outdoor service was generally positive.  The only concern was low volume at the start of the service.  Jamie is working on tech improvements.
  • The vestry is asking the Worship Committee to plan an outdoor service to focus on justice issues.
  • The next Vestry Discussion Meeting is August 6, 2020, 6-7 p.m.  Topic: Black Lives Matter/Racism in our Communities.  In September the topic will be the budget.  All parishioners are welcome to join these Zoom meetings.  Look for an email with a link to the meeting!
  • The family of Brownie and Sally Brown have donated several religious objects to St. Pat’s.  No decisions have been made as to their disposition.