Announcements for November 22, 2020

Advent at St. Patrick’s

We will be lighting the Advent Wreath at the beginning of each Sunday Service in Advent. The Worship Team invites you to have your Advent Wreath with you as you watch the live stream service. You can light your candle(s) as the candle(s) at church are lit. 

Advent I is Nov. 29

The December Meditation Service is Wednesday, Dec. 2 @ 7pm live stream. 

18th Annual Solidarity Harvest -Sponsor-A-Meal

$40 for a Thanksgiving basket for 8-10 people

Your donation gives a locally-sourced Thanksgiving meal basket to Mainers who may otherwise go without. Our goal is to again distribute 1,400 meal baskets to Mainers in hard times. Funds raised are used to purchase the produce from Maine farms. Help us reach our $55,000 fundraising goal by Sponsoring a Meal. Here is the link

Thanks everyone.

Stay safe,

Peace to you all,

Mary Ann

 Resources for understanding systemic racism: St. Patrick’s vestry and especially webmaster Paula Baines and warden, Peg Olson,  are compiling some wonderful resource material for self examination and self understanding about where we may be unconscious of racism in our lives.  Check out Bishop Curry’s inspiring interview on the TODAY show.  Many of these resources take minutes to watch or read and as our presiding bishop, Bishop Curry says, “Do one thing a day”  to learn and have greater understanding of our neighbors. Check out the google email entitled “Resources on Diversity to share on Facebook AND Racism Resource List”  as well as resources posted on  Feel free to share videos, essays and more that you have found! Thanks to Peg and Paula for heading this up!