Announcements – November 29, 2020

First Sunday Advent

Advent at St. Patrick’s Advent Wreath. Today is Advent I and you may have noticed we lit the first candle of the Advent Wreath during our service. The Worship Team invites you to have your own Advent Wreath ready to light during the service. The wreath can be simple, even just 4 candles arranged in a circle. So next Sunday, Dec. 6, though will be hosted by Brewer Methodist, you can still light 2 candles on your wreath.

Advent Pilgrimage. Mary Ann Perry will go on a one-day Pilgrimage during Advent. She has created a plan with the theme of “Public Witness” based on an article about pilgrimages in the Dec. issue of Sojourner Magazine. The program can be tweaked to others’ personal interests
and abilities. A specific date has not been determined but all don’t have to do this on the same day. If you want to participate please contact Mary Ann.
Our monthly Meditation Service will be Wednesday, Dec. 2 @ 7pm via live stream. A link will be posted on Wednesday. Please have at least one candle ready to light during the service. You might want to use your Advent Wreath.

A Solidarity Harvest Thank You. Once again, even in these unusual times, St. Pat’s has been very generous in helping make Food AND Medicine Solidarity Harvest successful. This year
1,400 “baskets” were distributed throughout eastern and northern Maine. St. Pat’s Outreach donated $300 so the St. Pat’s logo appeared on a flyer which was included in each basket. Several members also donated to sponsor-a-meal for $40. We had in person volunteers who felt
safe and assured that all precautions were taken. Deacon Peggy Day distributed 8 baskets through St. Pats. Again, Thank you everyone!

New way to pay your pledge
There is a new way to pay your pledge if you wish at the diocesan website. It’s quite convenient and easy and you can opt to have the program provide a report tracking your giving. Go to and click on donate, find and click on the St. Patrick’s Brewer line and complete the information and pay your pledge amount. Unfortunately, we cannot use this site for
other donations. For all other donations such as those specified (for example food pantry, outreach, etc,) please continue to send your donations to St. Patrick’s at 21 Holyoke Street, Brewer ME 04412 or slide it through the mail slot at the church.

Resources for understanding systemic racism:
St. Patrick’s vestry and especially webmaster Paula Baines and warden, Peg
Olson, are compiling some wonderful resource material for self examination and self understanding about where we may be unconscious of racism in our lives. Check out Bishop Curry’s inspiring interview on the TODAY show. Many of these resources take minutes to watch or read and as our presiding bishop, Bishop Curry says, “Do one thing a day” to learn and have greater understanding of our neighbors. Check out the google email entitled “Resources on Diversity to share on Facebook AND Racism Resource List” as well as resources posted on Feel free to share videos, essays and more that you have found! Thanks to Peg and Paula for heading this up.