Announcements – December 27, 2020 – Christmastide

St Patrick’s will be providing lunch on Jan 4th for Columbia St. Sadly due to the current state of covid19 people are not allowed in the Columbia St to eat.  Rather than our usual meal we will be providing bag lunches. The Outreach Committee invites members of the congregation to provide healthy snack items to be put in the bags.

            With the cold weather we feel that additional portable high energy food is helpful. Possible items include raisins, cheese and crackers or peanut butter and crackers or soft granola bars like Nutra grain bars  (sadly some people’s teeth make it difficult to chew hard food.)  Perhaps you have other ideas. If you wish to provide items and have a key to the building please leave items downstairs in the Shamrock room on the “coffee hour” table. 

            If you do not have a key to the building please contact Ellen ( 944-7656) or Pat ( 991-8301.)  We can set up a time to meet you at the church. We will stay in the building and ask you to notify us when you have put items outside the door to the Common Room.  Alternative, you may leave items at Pat’s house at anytime. (Call if you need directions.) The outside porch door is unlocked. If you leave food on the bench in the porch they will be brought inside after you leave.  However you choose to participate items need to be received by Dec. 31.  This allows time to determine if additional items need to be purchased.  It also allows time to safely prepare the bags in advance.

Thank you,

Pat & Ellen