Outreach’s Theme for 2021: Gratitude

At their January meeting the Outreach Committee decided to focus on the theme of gratitude this year.  To start the year we are inviting all members of the congregation to take time to think of one thing each day for which they are grateful/thankful.  Some people already keep a gratitude journal. If you are not interested in keeping a journal it was suggested that writing a simply note or a word on the calendar would work quite well. It doesn’t have to be a big thing.  For example, you might record that you heard a special song, received a call or a note, enjoyed a walk or a sunny day. This is not intended to be a burdensome practice. Perhaps writing a few things once a week works best for you. Thank you for being willing to consider participating in this activity.  Each month a member of the Outreach Committee will share some things for which they are grateful.

What are we Grateful for?

In January, Pat shares that some of the things for which she is grateful: Ben’s recovery from Covid 19. David’s help washing dishes, veterinarians, a quiet day and “To go shopping.”