Announcements – May 9, 2021

Pentecost with a welcome back to in person services May 23rd
The vestry has agreed that we will return to indoor services while also continuing to
offer online presence (via Zoom, Facebook and YouTube) for those who feel more
comfortable being present online. This will take place on Pentecost Sunday, May 23rd.
All Covid restrictions will apply, including masks even if vaccinated. Stay tuned for more
information from the vestry and our Co-Wardens, Peg and Larry.

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Seeking participation in a fund raiser
The church is selling Hannaford gift cards as a way of raising money which doesn’t cost
the congregation anything extra. For example if you know that you are going to spend
$50 during your weekly shopping, you could buy a $50 gift card and the church would
gain $2.50. If we sold even 10 such cards in the course of a month that would be $25 in
a pretty painless fashion. These cards work like any other gift card. They can be used
with the To Go program. We can purchase the cards in various denominations $25 to
$100 or more.
Our first order of gift cards has been submitted, we will receive them shortly. Let
Rita, Pat, Paula or Sandra know if you would like to purchase one.
Thanks in advance for considering trying it at least once.
The Fundraising Committee

Clynk update
As of the beginning of April the Clynk account balance is $51.95. We are half way
toward our next $100 goal. As before, when we reach this goal we will withdraw the
$100 and donate it to support a community outreach program.
FAM has proven to be a vital community organization. We want to show them the
support they have shown all of us over the years. All dues are on a sliding scale, $0 to
whatever you wish to contribute. There are NO barriers EVER to being a part of this
community! Please consider joining their ranks or making a contribution today. Thank

Our next Artful Spirit offering: Collage for Insight and Inspiration
Artful Spirit is sponsoring a hands on activity session via zoom at 4:00 PM Sunday, May
16th that involves collage making. Pat Blethen has already sent out a description via
our Google group link explaining what’s involved. Please join in this fun, and insightful
activity. No art skill required! Contact .

Holyoke Street Neighborhood Garden
is gearing up for the growing season. You can help by contacting Mary Ann Perry at
570-3113 or You might know someone who would also
like to participate. We will be receiving compost mix at the end of April or first of May so
will begin to prepare for planting then. You might like to help once or on a regular basis
by prepping the beds, planting, weeding, watering, and of course harvesting. We also
will need a list of people interested in receiving produce. Many hands make light work.
St. Pat’s Flower beds are looking good right now, but Ellen Fisher needs consistent
help to maintain them throughout the growing season. Please offer to be a summer
gardener. Contact Ellen at

Announcement for Lloyd Day’s Graveside Service
Lloyd Day’s graveside service will be 2:00 pm Friday May 14, 2021 at Lawndale
Cemetery on Stillwater Ave in Old Town. Due to Covid restrictions, there will be no
open reception after the service.